A date with Leopard!

18 10 2007

Leopard Date

Yippeee! Apple’s latest OS upgrade named Leopard now has an official launch date. It’ll go on sale on October 26th and features 300 new features. A complete list of these can be found here. The Single User License is $129 while the family pack rettails for $199.

Top features to look forward to include a revamped desktop, finder, quick inspector for files of all types, time machine, revamped mail and of course spaces.


A million iPhones and counting…

11 09 2007

iPhone pic It’s a sales statistic most companies would love to shout about. Apple recently announced that it clocked a million sales of its revolutionary iPhone.

That’s a million pieces sold in barely 3 months. Wow!! To put this in perspective, note that Apple took nearly 2 years to sell a million iPods! With the new iPhone price cuts and the holidays around the corner, they could easily sell another 1.5 million by the year end.

Now if only they would release the iPhone in Asia real soon 🙂

Apple launches all new iPods. Reduces iPhone rates!

9 09 2007

My feature predictions came true! The new iPod Touch from Apple now features the revolutionary touch interface of the iPhone and it also features wifi. The iTunes music store is now wifi enabled so users can purchase music directly on their iPods… thus bypassing the computer. Sweeeeet 🙂 The iPod touch is even slimmer than the iPhone and includes Safari for full web browsing. Prices are $299 for the 8GB model and $399 for the 16GB one.

ipod family
The iPod Nano and an iPod classic were also launched but not much to report there besides upgraded specs, sizes and prices. Who would want to go click-wheel when the Touch option is there. 🙂

The biggest surprise of the Apple event was Steve reducing the rates of the 8GB iPhone by $200! It now retails for $399.. right in time for the holidays. This price cut could well make the iPhone the holiday best seller this year. Although current iPhone users were irked with the massive price cut just weeks after they stood in line and splurged on the handset. Poor things.

Good Ol’ Stevo came to the rescue of his faithful customers and handed out $100 rebate coupons. How nice. I don’t see the real need for Apple giving in to price cuts so soon. The whole point of technology is that gadgets get cheaper and have double the features in less than a year. Some analysts are guessing that Apple did this to make sure they’re on track for the target sales figures. With a major price cut, volumes should make up for it long term. By the way, the iPhone is on track to ship the millionth unit by this month.

All in all, I’m dying for the iPod touch to come to India reaaaaal soon. I want one now! Greater chances of that coming here before the iPhone does.