Apple all set to launch new iPods today! So will you buy the new iPod or go for the iPhone?

5 09 2007

ipod family

Apple is all set to launch new iPods today. You might think that after the runaway success of the iPhone, why would Apple be interested in the iPod platform anyway? After all, wasn’t the iPhone touted as the best iPod yet? The UI was way slicker than a hardware click wheel AND it’s a phone too.

My view is that this is a very smart move. What would make the new iPods worthwhile of a launch? For one, there are still millions of users who would prefer to stick with their current phone and network and yet be able to have the new UI experience on their iPods. The unique UI and navigation style of the iPhone is a sales magnet. Combine that with the cult status of the iPod and you’re golden.

Most users are still content with carrying two devices – a phone and an iPod. Simply because battery life issues wont haunt them. If I listen to hundreds of songs and watch video on the iPhone daily, how much juice is left for 3 hours of talk time on a daily basis? Keeping the multimedia companion separate as an Ipod solves this vital problem.

Another feature that might be a reality today is Wi-Fi iPods. Allowing users to download content from the iTunes store directly would be an excellent step forward. Since the Microsoft Zune already has wireless digital music capabilities, this seems like a feature Apple wouldn’t want to ignore anymore.

Low pricing for an all new UI experience seems possible going by Apple’s history. They typically launch updated and fresh products at the same rates or even lower ones. So we might see a sub $200 iPod featuring the radical iPhone UI and bumped up hardware specs.

Frankly, the ultimate thing would be if Apple launches an iPod with ALL the features and usability of an iPhone with just the phone module missing. So with wifi, we could see youtube, google maps, browse the web, download and purchase digital music and video, store hours of content and still have a very small form factor besides having great battery life. Phew!

All in all, I do see a lot of possibility in keeping the iPod platform alive and fresh with new announcements despite having the iPhone in the same stable. Let’s wait and watch!



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